On Golf

“The elusiveness of golf is sufficient to ensure its abiding popularity. No one ever seems to master it. You imagine that you have got the secret, but it is like a bird of passage – here today and gone tomorrow.”

“the essence of golf is variety”

“every effort should be made to increase (golf’s) strategy, variety, mystery, charm and elusiveness so that we shall never get bored with it, but continue to pursue it with increasing zest, as many of the old stalwarts of St. Andrews do, for the remainder of our lives. ”

“golf is a recreation and a means for giving us health and pleasure…..One of the reasons why I, a medical man, decided to give up medicine and take up golf architecture was my firm conviction of the extraordinary influence on the health of pleasurable excitement, especially when combined with fresh air and exercise. How frequently have I, with great difficulty, persuaded patients who were never off my doorstep to take up golf, and how rarely, if ever, have I seen them in my consulting room again.”

“Everyone should be allowed to enjoy a golf game, including even old gentlemen of ninety and children of five or six.”

“There is no game which teaches honesty to the same extent as golf.”

“golf is a game and it is essential that the sporting spirit of the game should not be destroyed.”

“The fascination and lasting interest of the game of golf would be vastly increased if one were always faced with an ‘approaching’ problem.”


“The Spirit of St. Andrews,” Alister MacKenzie, Sleeping Bear Press, 1995.


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