On Politics

“Today (1933) one can almost gauge the intelligence and prosperity of a community by the extent golf and golf courses are booming. In America there is a tremendous boom in golf; in Russia there is none.”

“I hope to live to see the day when there are the crowds of municipal courses, as in Scotland, cropping up all over the world…. They invariably pay, and I have never known one, unlike other municipal ventures, that was a burden on the rates and taxes of the community.”

“I left Europe to reside in America because I felt that it was only a question of time for Europe to be destroyed by socialistic propaganda and legislation. It is with a feeling of alarm that I notice in the United States the spread of similar doctrines which has led to the misery of British workers.”

“Socialism is a real danger to golf, and in fact, every other game.”


“The Spirit of St. Andrews,” Alister MacKenzie, Sleeping Bear Press, 1995.

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